Travel. Philosophy. Life

Travel. Philosophy. Life

It’s time to expand your horizons!

Jazz Yachting is a project that opens a door in front of you to the wonderful and inimitable world of sails. Our team arranges yacht journeys for any taste. Try an absolutely new kind of traveling in which a yacht will become your home for a while!

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Vladimir Kolesnichenko

As a supporter of the individual tourism I value freedom that is given us in such a trip really acutely. I love it when I can go to the very heartland on my own and enjoy the atmosphere of primordial nature. Yachting has … читать далее

Maria Markevich

Sailing is a completely new and unlike anything else way of traveling! Home is where you drop anchor. Every island is unique, on any of them you can get your dose of adventure. In our trip there was everything: a trip on the … читать далее

Olesya Moroz

I can boldly call my vacation with Jazz Yachting one of the best in my life! Like many travelers I had some misgivings about the seasickness before the trip. Of course, there were some turbulent days at sea, but with no reflection on … читать далее