Vladimir Kolesnichenko

As a supporter of the individual tourism I value freedom that is given us in such a trip really acutely. I love it when I can go to the very heartland on my own and enjoy the atmosphere of primordial nature. Yachting has absolutely lived up to my passions and expectations in this regard! Honestly, when I was getting ready for the trip, I didn’t really understand the principles of yacht management. I didn’t know with which knots to tie fenders and with which – moorings, and didn’t understand why the boom could be dangerous. Sasha is an experienced and cheerful captain, he taught our team in these questions greatly. I liked it that we were not just ‘mattress tourists’, but constantly learnt something new: tried to stand at the wheel, watched the sails and worked on the sheets. We tames the element of water for a while and even felt like nature was under our control. I felt so strong for the first time, like a genuine master of my own destiny!

Doctor-otolaryngologist | Odessa, Ukraine |

Maria Markevich

Sailing is a completely new and unlike anything else way of traveling! Home is where you drop anchor. Every island is unique, on any of them you can get your dose of adventure. In our trip there was everything: a trip on the bike around the island with the breeze; strolls along night streets, on white rocks worn away in a thousand years till they began sparkling; a dinner from super fresh seafood with a glass of Croatian local wine and little markets, full of thousand beautiful things that you can bring home as gifts. We stayed overnight in meninas where hundreds of yachts with people all over the world gather together. Different faces, different languages, different stories – and everybody smiles! Everybody smiles because of this inexpressible feeling of freedom the sea gives. 7 days on the yacht were very saturated: waves and calms, fishing, diving with GoPro and snorkeling, getting suntan and dancing on deck, sunsets with a glass of “Cuba Libre”. I learnt how to use marine terms and helped with the gear, admired the first rays of sun at sunrise and slept under the stars. Thank the cheerful crew and careful tactful organizer Alena for this experience that everybody must go through in their life!

Professional photographer | Odessa, Ukraine |

Olesya Moroz

I can boldly call my vacation with Jazz Yachting one of the best in my life! Like many travelers I had some misgivings about the seasickness before the trip. Of course, there were some turbulent days at sea, but with no reflection on general impressions from the trip. Quite the opposite, it even increased the perceptions – it’s real after all! Thank the team of organizers for a detailed instruction and the positive spirit with which tossing is not a problem. Being on the open sea and watching it from land are, how we say it in Odessa, two very different things. The water surrounds you everywhere. I can’t describe how much it calms and fills with some special magical energy. We met every sunset in a new city. I guess this is what happiness feels like!

Tutor of English | Odessa, Ukraine |

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